Tencent Game Loop Emulator Best Settings (High/Low) End PC

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Tencent Gaming Buddy is an Excellent Android Emulator for Playing PUBG Mobile on PC. In fact, it is the professional PUBG Mobile Emulator created totally for the Battle Royale game. However, Few Tweaks are indispensable to make the PUBG Mobile Gameplay even Better. Earlier I used to Play with Default TGB Settings however lately I made few changes. Trust me these Changes are really going to work. In this article, I will be Sharing Best Settings for Tencent Gaming Buddy (TGB). Change your current settings to these and see the result yourself.

Tencent Gaming Buddy (TGB) Settings for Low End/High-End PC

If your PC has Less than 4GB Ram and Less than 512 MB Graphics Card, it will be considered as a Low-End PC. However, anything above that comes under Medium or High-End PC. Let’s Discuss Best TGB Settings for Both Types of PC (Laptop/Desktop)

TGB Settings for Low-End PC (Laptop/Desktop) Computer

Ram – 2GB,3GB,4GB

Graphics Card – Integrated, 256 MB, 512 MB

Operating System – Any Windows Operating System

If your PC Specs match above mentioned details, Make these Settings :

  • First of All, Open up Tencent Gaming Buddy (TGB) Software
  • On the Top Right Corner, Click on the Symbol with three Horizontal parallel lines Symbol (Menu) & Then Go to Settings
  • In the Settings Section, Go to Engine
  • In the Rendering section, Select Open GL and Select Check, “Render Cache” & “Enforce Global Render Cache”
  • In the “Anti-aliasing” Option Select “Close”
  • If your System Ram is 2 GB, Select 1024 MB. If System Ram is 3 GB Select 1536 MB. If Ram is 4GB, Select 2048 MB
  • If your System has Dual-Core Processor, Select “1” in Processor Section, If it is quadcore, Select “2”
  • Select Minimum DPI i.e. 160

Best Tencent Gaming Buddy Settings for High-End PC

Ram – More than 4GB

Graphics Card – More than 512 MB

Operating System – Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10

If your PC has the above-mentioned configuration, use the Below Mentioned Settings

  • First, you need to Start “Tencent Gaming Buddy”
  • On the Top Right Corner, Click on the Three Horizontal Parallel Lines Symbol (Menu)
  • Go to “Settings” & Then Go to “Engine”
  • In the Rendering section, Select “Open GL”
  • Then Check All 4 Options, “Render Cache”, “Enforce Global Render Cache”, Prioritize Dedicated GPU”, “Rendering Optimization”
  • In the Antialiasing Option, Choose “Close”
  • Set Memory “4096 MB”
  • Set Processors “4 or 8” (Try with Both One by One if not sure)
  • Set DPI to 160
  • Click on Save to Save the Settings

Best PUBG Mobile Settings in Tencent Gaming Buddy

So Far, We Have selected the best Settings for Tencent Gaming Buddy Software. Now, We need to Open PUBG Mobile in TGB and Make Few Changes.

  • Open Tencent Gaming Buddy & Click on “Play” to launch PUBG Mobile
  • Wait for the Main Interface to Load
  • Once Loaded, Click on the “Settings” Symbol on the Right Corner

  • Go to “Graphics” and Select “Smooth
  • Set Frame Rate to “Ultra” if you are on High-End PC, Else Set it to “Medium
  • Make Sure “Anti-aliasing” is disabled.
  • Disable “Aim Assist

Sensitivity Settings:

Now Comes the Most Important Part, Changing PUBG Mobile Sensitivity Settings in PUBG Mobile.

Camera Sensitivity (Free-Look)

3rd Person Camera – 30%

Camera: 100%

1st Person Camera: 35%


3rd Person No Scope – 30%

1st Person No Scope – 48%

Red Dot, Holographic, Aim Assist – 16%

2X Scope – 14%

3X Scope – 8%

4X ACOG Scope, VSS – 4%

6X Scope – 3%

8X Scope – 2%

Keep the Remaining Settings Default.

Testing TGB Settings

  • After Making All these Changes, Restart Tencent gaming Buddy
  • Open up the Game and Go to Training Mode
  • I am sure you will See Positive Change. All the Very Best Gamer!

Which is Best Tencent gaming buddy vs game loop?

Game loop is a new Update of the Tencent Gaming Buddy Old emulator. So Don’t Be confused about it. There is a Difference between the User interface and its performance.

Fix Game loop, Low Ping Issue?

To Fix Low Ping issue in the Game loop Emulator Just Turn on the Network accelerator

Network accelerator

Network accelerator

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