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Take control of one of the powerful nations in this ongoing long-term strategy game during World War 2. Conquer provinces, forge alliances and develop your real-time economy. Study World War 2’s top-secret weapons and become the one true superpower!

Call of War is a brilliant MMO game in which you get to test out your war strategy. The game takes place in the middle of WW2 – you become the army general of your chosen nation and must try to gain as many territories as possible.

You must build up an economy and use it wisely to produce troops, vehicles, and equipment. You actually get to play against other people from around the world and can join in existing games. Do you have what it takes to answer the call of war and become a five-star general?

Call of War – WW2 Strategy Game Multiplayer RTS

Release Date

  • February 2011 (HTML5)
  • October 2017 (Steam)
  • March 2018 (Android and iOS)


Call of War is developed by Bytro Labs.


✔ Up to 100 real opponents per map
✔ Units move in real-time
✔ Many different maps and scenarios
✔ Historically accurate troops
✔ Huge tech tree with over 120 different units
✔ Different terrain types
✔ Atomic bombs and secret weapons
✔ Regular updates with new content
✔ Growing alliances in a huge community


  • Web browser
  • Android
  • iOS
  • Steam

Mobile Apps

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About Call of War

Call of War is a first-class MMO games game that you can enjoy on this page, free of charge. The game is powered by HTML5 technology to work fast in modern browsers. In addition to playing the game in your browser, you can also play it on your Android devices and on your iPhone and iPad. One of the many advantages of playing Call of War on CrazyGames is that it is available in full-screen. Bytro Labs created Call of War. It has received 2,3586 plays and has been rated 8.4 / 10 with 32 votes.

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One of Call of War APK’s most exciting new features is the option to research a wide array of technological advancements. Players can not only choose which technological paths they want to research but also use the strengths and weaknesses of different units to perfect their individual strategies. Whether they want to tank rush their opponents, establish air superiority, flood the lands with battalions of infantry, bombard beaches with mighty naval fleets or dominate with the help of secret weapons such as nuclear bombers or V2 rockets – everything is possible in Call of War.

Join the race for the best strategy game, jump into WW2 and test yourself against real players in real-time on historical maps!